To Begin

I’m not sure exactly when this Full-Timing idea came into my head. And I am not sure how long it ran around inside my head before I brought it up to Natasha. But sometime back before Thanksgiving of 2009 I got to thinking what a cool idea it would be to take our family on the road in an RV Full Time. For those that might not know what I am referring to, think living all the time in a Recreational Vehicle! And probably when you hear this you may instantly think about Christmas Vacation, when Cousin Eddie confesses to Clark that he and his family live in an RV! Well anyway, that is how many folks go with this idea of mine. Fortunately when I brought it up to Natasha she was very receptive to the idea. Good thing, since there is no way that something like this could be even contemplated without absolute, 100% full support from a spouse!

So how is this Full-Time Life even possible for a family like ours (me, Natasha and two children under four) to think about? (Good question). How would a family even go about doing something like this? And how would seemingly sane individuals deal with the large expense of such a scheme!? Both Natasha and I have spent the past two months just trying to get our brains around this idea of Full-Timing. So far we have not been successful. It is rather complicated and extremely scary. And the more we look into it the more bewildered we get. By starting this Blog we hope we can get a handle on all of the information we have been accumulating, and weight the pros and cons of attempting the Full-Time Life. But more importantly, it is a way for us to share this adventure, or better, odyssey we have begun. And a way to hear from others of how crazy we are, or better yet, get some useful input. And who knows, if this idea works, maybe someone else out there might wish to give it a try, and it would be nice if we could have offered some helpful information.
So, here goes our Full-Timing Odyssey Blog, the adventure begins anew.

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