An Exciting Journey

Funny how once you put it down I can already see what progress we’ve made, easing into the idea and by Jeff doing all the research he’s been doing! Remember where we started? Looking at the motorhomes? What we’ve learned in just two months is remarkable and valuable.
My main concern is how this affects the kids. I know we will be fine, but how will they feel living life on the road, in constant transition? But then I know that in the end they will transition just fine back into life in a more traditional home. Maybe once you are into it, it doesn’t feel like that, constant transition. I’d love to hear from some other families who have done this with young children, or children of any age.
It is exciting to think of going wherever you want to go whenever you want to go there! And I am most excited about really spending time with our friends and loved ones who live far way – more than just a quick weekend visit – getting to know their friends and haunts and daily lives.

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