A window of opportunity

Working towards realizing this Full-Timing lifestyle may not be possible for many because of existing situations. Natasha and I happen to find ourselves in place where making such a leap seems rather uncomplicated. We do not own a home, nor do we have a mortgage, we rent. We do not have debt of any kind; we own our vehicles, no credit card balance, nothing (this after working three hard years to become debt free). Though I have two older children in college, Natasha and my two children are pre-school. We live in a house that has less than 800 square feet of living space, so the idea of moving into a RV does not seem daunting to us. We have relatively few possessions, the result of living in a small house with almost no storage. And of these possessions very little is dear to us; we don’t anticipate trouble getting rid of what we won’t need in the RV. We look at these circumstances as a window of opportunity to take to the road and live full time in an RV.

Why a window? Though this may change, we feel it important that our two youngest have a place to call home when they enter their formative years. In addition, Natasha and I love to garden, and dream of one day having a place in the country where we can do this in a big way, and also have some goats and chickens (The full-time life, as far as we can see, does not leave room for such a lifestyle. Though I suppose we could have free range chickens! Sorry, I could not resist that.).
So, we do not anticipate living out the rest of our time together on the road. However, you never know about twists and turns of life. But for now we look at this as a window of opportunity, two to three years from now, living full time on the road, but with the window closing in six or seven years. A window, in our case we feel, open to full-time living on the road for three to four years.

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