Children and Nature

The best days I have as a mother are the days that I can get my children outside, releasing them of the boundaries and rules that games, play structures and toys create and allowing them to revel in their own sense of wonder. I become a child again during these times when I also renew my own sense of wonder and truly enjoy these adventurous, carefree moments in nature with these little people who depend on me for so much. It is such a wonderful feeling.

And so it is through relating these moments to Jeff that I have come to realize that our RV life can help others reconnect with their own sense of wonder with their children playing outdoors, free of societal constructs. It is with this inspiration in mind that we move forward with our tentative plans.
The last entry I wrote had to do with budgets. Jeff has done a great job reviewing and planning ahead in that regard and now we know exactly what we are dealing with as far as depreciation and such goes and that makes it much easier to wrap our heads around, and while the loss we will incur is still not easy to stomach, we think we can get to a place where it will be manageable and worth it.

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