Full-Time 5th Wheel Manufactures

Wow, my last Blog entry was almost a year ago! Way back in March 2011 I finished with the promise of more to come on manufactures of Fifth Wheel Trailers that would fit our needs. As I said back in March, it was surprising that so few manufacturers offer true “full-time” 5th wheel trailers (products that can hold up to daily living). In fact in my opinion there are only five (I’d imagine the industry might argue though). In our investigations and study these are the manufactures on our list: NUWA Industries, DRV Luxury Suites, Carriage Inc. (they just went out of business actually), New Horizons and Teton Homes. Carriage Inc. may be out of business but their 5th wheels are still available so they remain on our list. All of these manufactures warrant their trailers for full-time living (or at least as far as I know, this RV business is a tricky thing to figure out).
Now that we know the manufactures it becomes our task to pick a particular model from one of them that has a floor plan we can live with. And this is no simple matter. As I said in my previous post we want a floor plan with a 2nd bedroom. Several reasons of course, biggest being so we have room to live sanely! 2nd bedroom floor plans are available but at a price it seems, length and weight. More on those two issues in my next Blog (and I promise it won’t take 10 months for this one).

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