Close Quarters

When Jeff and I first married, I moved into the house Jeff had beenliving in with his two older children. My lifestyle coming into this was very different from theirs; I livedprimarily alone in a house that gave me more space than I needed indoors and allof the space that I could possibly love outdoors.  I did not have television.   I had a wood stove and did almost all of the work to heatmy house myself.  I loved the hardwork and the rolling hills and fields of the farm and the pond over the hillwhere my dog and I swam almost every day in the summer.
Jeff’s house with the kids, on the other hand, was small, intown and had three TV’s which, to my ear, sounded blaring and invasive.  The kids sprawled on the small couchand I had no space of my own. Needless to say, it was a shock for all of us.
Some years later, we have all adjusted fairly well.  At times we now have 4 kids, a dog, 2cats, a guinea pig and two adults all in the same small house. Even still, consideringthe move to an even smaller RV is intimidating to me.  Originally we thought we would be looking for a 5thwheel that would have a small room in the back for the kids to have their ownspace.  We have now learned that asmaller RV is necessary so that we can really enjoy the places we want to see –many National Parks for example, don’t allow RV’s over 35’. Last weekend Jeffand I had a long, heated and emotional discussion on this topic that nearlydrove us to scrap the idea altogether.
I am trying to come to terms with this floor plan.  Instead of their own space, the kidswill have bunk beds in a slide, each with their own small shelving space.  Any desk, tabletop or storage spacewill be shared with toys, books, schoolwork, Jeff’s work and any projects I maytake on.
While it will be a challenge for me to deal with living with3 other people in a 35.5’x 8’ space, I want to make it work.  The experiences we will have outside ofthis RV will make up for this loss of indoor space. And while the challengesthat present themselves in this lifestyle can be overwhelming, we both agreethat the benefits are worth the sacrifices we might make.

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