Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Yesterday I took my kids to Michael’s to look for some crafty things to make Valentine’s for the upcoming holiday.   Of course they wanted everything that we did not need.
In the spirit of the Zero Waste Home, ( I considered making my own potato stamps and using paint that we already have to let the kids stamp their valentine’s onto paper that we have around the house.
I would like to think that our life in the RV would be relatively free of this unsightly aspect of civilization.  And while I am sure most parks areclean and tidy, I know from experience that they can also be convenient placesto discard unwanted items.  Lastyear we spent three nights in Grand Canyon National Park and unfortunately thetrail was littered with things that people did not want to carry out once theygot it into the steep walls of the canyon.  We picked up what we could but the volume wasinsurmountable for the steep climb.
I am tempted to return the items I purchased at Michael’s.  As I run and walk around myneighborhood I see and pick up litter almost on a daily basis.  This morning my neighbors’ garbage canswere full and overflowing.  Throughthe clear plastic bags I could see beer cans, cardboard boxes and plastic waterbottles.  These items are allrecyclable and if only they would recycle they would find that their garbagewould fit neatly in the can.  Oncein the can it would not blow down the hill into the bushes with the wind, orattract the local vermin.  More onwhat I am doing in my community about this later.

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