Running in Place

So how does one stay in shape when living in an RV moving from unfamiliar place to unfamiliar place?
Currently, I run 3 or 4 days a week, 3 miles or more a day.  The time to myself is nice.  The other days I walk with my kids through the woods, work in our gardens and busy myself with general ups and downs of cleaning, laundry and craft projects.  Rarely do I sit for very long and the constant movement is good for me.  My husband walks to work, about 3 miles round trip and additionally walks and runs up and down many flights of stairs multiple times most afternoons in order to stay in shape.
How will we keep this level of activity up when we are in new places all the time?  We will be hiking a lot as a family.  We should all be biking together by then as well.  And I suppose once we get to know the area we can decide what is safe to do.  Perhaps we will all be more active and healthy in general.
One item we can take with us that might help a little bit is the curvy board (
(I got this for the kids last month but Jeff now claims that I got it for myself!)  I had no idea it would be so much exercise! It is something that can be used indoors or out, for the kids or for us.  It is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and also doubles as a footrest!
Maybe what I will miss more than the running is a little time to myself!

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  1. Since I wrote the above post, I found this article. The author talks a little bit more about how to stay in shape while Rv-ing!

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