Heavy Duty Trucks for a Heavy Duty Job

Fifth Wheel Trailers are heavy, some a lot heavier than others. Length is a big factor; the New Horizon Web site states it simply as 350-pounds/linear foot. Slides weigh 800-1000 pounds each. Many fifth wheel trailers come with two, three or even four slides. A summer-use-only fifth wheel will weigh less than a full-time fifth wheel because it is manufactured with cheaper materials, which often times means lighter. Many manufactures tout their fifth wheel trailers for their lightness, but usually this is just another word for cheap (Although there has lately been a push for high quality and less weight). At any rate, to pull a trailer that can weigh from 12,000 to 22,000 pounds loaded requires a strong truck.

It is extremely dangerous to pull a heavy trailer with a truck that is not up to the task. For our needs we require a truck that can pull approximately 16,000 pounds. Only heavy-duty trucks are able to do this safely. Dodge Ram, Ford and GM all make them. All three manufactures offer diesel power, a must for trailers in this weight class. Which manufacturer has the best truck for the job? Well at the risk of starting trouble I will simply state they all are just fine. Of course you have Ford lovers, Chevy/GMC lovers and Dodge Ram lovers, and the arguments as to which is best can become heated. I have spent too much time reading up on all three manufactures’ trucks (though I have enjoyed it) and in the end throwing a dart to choose one would have been adequate. However, if I had to advise someone on which truck to buy today I would probably recommend the trucks from GM, the Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 and the GMC Sierra/Denali 2500/3500. Why, well because these trucks have won the various head to head comparisons, on drivability, power, and capability. Which one will we purchase? Good question, jury still out since we are a year and half away from such a decision and this truck stuff changes rapidly.

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