Been Awhile

Been awhile since I last posting on our Blog, just about a year! How did that happen? Well I just had to stop on the RV thing, stop planning, stop talking, stop researching, and stop writing; just stop everything. It was all driving Natasha and I a little crazy because we were not able to act on anything, just talk about it. So we together decided to give it all a rest until real progress could be made. And progress was being blocked by my work situation and the inability to come to a satisfactory arrangement to work remotely. The “work situation” could be a rather long post all on its own but I am not going to publish such a post. The essential points were it was a long hard road and it was finally resolved.

So the short of it is we are back on track on our Full-Time Odyssey. And in fact yesterday afternoon we sent a $5,000 deposit  on an Excel Winslow 34IKE 5th Wheel Trailer from Holland Motor Homes in Holland, Michigan!

Winslow receipt

This is when it gets scary, but proof we are moving now.

The build time on the Winslow is three months, so if all goes well we expect to be on the road in mid-February. On the truck front we plan to place an order for a Ram 3500 truck, single wheel (no dually) in a month or so.

I hesitate to go back and read all I wrote before on the subject of truck and 5th wheel trailer since in the end now we have gone a different direction. I’ll just chalk it up to part of the learning process. But a few things  on this topic, truck and RV.

For 2013 Ram introduced changes to their heavy-duty trucks, they are more powerful, have higher fuel mileage and interiors were upgraded. In head-to-head comparisons Ram HD Trucks are now at the top in the never-ending heavy duty truck battles between Ford, Chrysler and General Motors. Excel by Peterson Industries is the top rated 5th wheel manufacturer. Their 5th wheel trailers are made for full-time living and they will customize our floor plan to include a bunk area for our two children. Once we decided to buy new it was an easy decision to go with the Excel Winslow.

So now that the “log-jam” has been removed I promise more to come soon from wildplacesopenspaces.

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by | November 21, 2013 · 5:08 pm

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  1. jen

    So happy for you. Yay!

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