Waldorf Style Window Stars – A Christmas Tutorial

Each year we attempt to be creative and make our Christmas cards by hand.  Some years are more inspired than others.  With the recent beginning of my love affair with the Waldorf style of education, I discovered waxed paper window stars.  Now, you can purchase waxed paper (kite paper)  from stores such as Bella Luna Toys OR you can make your own.  I didn’t want to spend the money and had beeswax and colorful tissue paper on hand.  I also had the time and worked up the patience.  I began by  cutting my tissue paper into strips 2″ wide.  I melted my beeswax in a double boiler and slowly dipped each strip through the wax, dragging it up the side of the hot bowl so as to allow the excess wax to drip off.  What you really want is a very thin coating of wax over the tissue paper.   The wax cools and hardens very quickly.

Since I knew I wanted to make small stars for our cards, I then cut my 2″ strips into 2″squares.  You can make any size star you like, as long as you start with squares of waxed paper.

Each star takes 8 squares of paper.  After I made several stars, I found that I preferred the stars with 2 colors instead of 3 or more.  Do what pleases your own eye!  I think this one was my favorite.


So, to start, once you have all eight pieces on hand;

First fold  in half both ways so as to see a cross in the middle.


Then fold each corner point in to meet the center point.Try to keep your folds even and your corners sharp.


My squares weren’t all perfect, but I found that as long as I had two nice sharp points opposite each other the star still turned out fine.


Fold the side points in along the mid-line, similar to how you might fold a paper airplane.  Now you should have a typical kite shape.


Repeat until you have completed all eight pieces.  Taking one piece, dab a small bit of glue onto one side of the widest point.


Add your second piece, point to point, lining up each edge with the other’s midline.


Continue in this fashion until you get to the eighth and final piece.  Dab glue onto the seventh piece in same way as all the others, and also onto the eight piece.  It will need to be laid on top of the seventh but tucked under the first, to complete the star.


Allow glue to dry, press to flatten and hang in a window, or in this case, make cards!  Once our cards were printed and folded, I glued a piece of tissue paper on the front to give the star some background.  I then added a dab of hot beeswax and stuck the star on before it cooled and hardened.  Here are some examples of the finished product!


The Message of the Christmas Star:

It matters not how small you are,
When truth and love are shared with all, 
Nothing that you do is small.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

For inspiration on designs and colors, http://howthesunrose-lalagirl.blogspot.com/2013/02/waldorf-paper-window-stars-tutorial.html

For a video tutorial, http://blog.bellalunatoys.com/2012/how-to-make-waldorf-paper-window-stars.html

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