Our Week in Pictures


Our bags were packed! We flew out of Pittsburgh to Boise, ID. Dennis Dillon Dodge out of Caldwell, ID picked us up at the airport and took us back to their lot where we met our new Ram 3500 truck!


The buying experience at Dennis Dillon Dodge was topnotch. There were no surprises and they were easy to work with. The customer service was excellent and their pricing is even better! If you are looking for a new vehicle, it is totally worth going to Idaho to buy from them. (And if you do, tell them Jeff and Natasha at Wild Places Open Spaces sent you!) More on the Dennis Dillon Dodge experience in another post!  http://www.dennisdillonchryslerjeepdodge.com/index.htm


We pinned our place on the map at the dealership! We were their first customers from West Virginia!


We encountered a little rain during our first drive out of Boise toward Idaho Falls. We took this brilliant, full rainbow arching over the road to be a sign of good things to come!


The mountains heading up into Jackson, Wyoming from Idaho falls were amazing. We saw moose, elk, mountain goats, bald eagles, golden eagles, mule deer and more!


We visited the Teton Science School briefly while were in Jackson. We didn’t take any pictures of the school itself but the kids enjoyed the break and we liked the way the mountains surrounded us even from the parking lot! A bald eagle flew over the ridge above us as we stood there. http://www.tetonscience.org


The mustangs in these corrals outside of Rock Springs, Wyoming are up for adoption. But I liked the poem on the kiosk…
Wild Mustang
“He’s dessert bred, he’s underfed, and tough as a piñon tree.
No cowboy pals or pole corrals, just wild and running’ free.
No thing of beauty, most would say, but beauty’s hidden there.
It’s in the blood of a rangy stud, and the heart of a mustang mare.
– Robert Wagoner


Purple Mountains’ Majesty…


Paul Smith Children’s Village at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, Cheyenne, Wyoming. Such a nice park!


Willa enjoyed bonding with our friends’ dog in Cheyenne. I don’t think he suffered too much either!


Tired pups!


Learning about sandhill cranes at the at the Iain Nicholson Audobon Center at Rowe Sanctuary on the Platte River near Kearney, Nebraska. Did you know that the red patch on their forehead is bare skin? I did not know that! http://rowe.audubon.org


Prairie dogs.


“There is a bird in the heart of America that is older than the Platte River, and far more wary than the waterfowl or prairie chicken. It is as gray as the clouds of winter, as soft, beautiful and graceful and lovely as the flowers – heads of Indian grass – bluestem. The bird is the Sandhill Crane.” – Paul Johnaard


We met such wonderful people! We all made new friends and throughly enjoyed our visit!


There were quite literally thousands of cranes in every field. The volunteers at the center estimated that, when we were there, about 40,000 birds had already arrived. but before the end of March they were expecting approximately 500,000 individuals! What a site to see! They were dancing for each other, jumping up, gently flapping and floating. All calling. Flocks flying from one field to another. Everywhere we looked.


Look! More over there!


We encountered 70 degree weather driving from Kearney, Nebraska toward Madison South Dakota, so we just had to stop at a park, have a picnic and play on the playground!


And so now we are South Dakota residents! Another hurdle in our journey towards full-time living accomplished. It is a good, long story for another post…

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  1. Wonderful! You’re on your way! I’ll be following your journey as we’re starting to plan our move to the road with our 2 little boys and selling the stix-n-brix in (hopefully) a year+.

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