Picking Up Our New Home

Four weeks ago we travelled to Holland, Michigan to pick up the Excel Winslow 34 IKE we ordered.  On our way there we stopped off in Ann Arbor to break the trip up and stay the night.  Our friends there kept the kids for us while we went on to Holland the next day.

We couldn’t be happier with the customer service we have received from both the manufacturer, Peterson Industries out of Kansas, and this particular dealer, Holland Motor Homes.  Our salesman, Jeremy, was straightforward and easy to work with all along.  Once they figured out that we wanted to customize one slide to accommodate bunk beds, we were put in touch directly with the president of the company to see if it was possible to meet this need.  We had to trust what they were doing, because they couldn’t show us any mock-ups of the modification.



So when we did show up to see our new home for the first time, I must say that we were a little nervous and prepared to be disappointed on some level.  One glimpse in that door and I was just excited!



Our salesman, Jeremy, handed us off to our very own personal service technician, Shannon, who spent the next several hours teaching us how to operate our new home. Hardwood hickory cabinetry, wood frame construction and the thoughtful design put into the Excel Winslow make this a very attractive unit.  Additionally, it is fully insulated and rated to -10 degrees.




The kids bunks turned out great, each with their own window and storage underneath!



We like the desk and leather sleeper sofa.  The desk pulls out and lifts up for additional work space and storage.


The kitchen and dinette…


And bedroom…


Here is Jeff already working in the “basement”!


In order to get the 5th wheel to ride level on our truck the axles had to be lowered and the kingpin needed to be raised.




(Jeff wanted this tool that they used.  He didn’t know what he’d do with it or where he would put it, but it was cool…)



Then Shannon helped us get hooked up for the first time…



(See that smile on Jeff’s face?  He aced it on his first attempt!)

…And saw us off into the Michigan sunset!

img_4781That night we parked it right in front of our friends’ house in Ann Arbor!


What I don’t have pictures of is us double-parked in the loop in front of the Great Lakes Science Center, then driving down E. 9th Street in downtown Cleveland at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon!  If that wasn’t enough, we drove to our a friend’s house in Seven Hills, then to a fish fry in Parma!  Courageous or stupid…the jury is still out!  More pictures of us all moved in another time.






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3 responses to “Picking Up Our New Home

  1. That rig looks GIANT with you two standing next to it.
    You two have a lot of chutzpah!!!

  2. Patricia

    Let the adventure begin! 🙂

  3. Mike – We have a lot of something, not sure what yet! That particular picture makes it look really big, the perspective I think.

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