Final Ram 3500 Truck Installations

After installing the B&W Turnover Ball Gooseneck and Companion hitches their were just three more items for our Ram 3500, a 5th wheel wiring harness, Firestone Airbags and a UWS Bed Box.

The 5th wheel wiring harness is used to plug-in our Excel Winslow to the truck. This is a rather important item since it runs the lights of our trailer, the disc brakes and charges the batteries while towing. It would appear that this would be an easy installation but it actually proved to be rather difficult and involved drilling another hole in the bed of the truck. The difficulty was running the harness to the rear of the truck where it tied in to the existing trailer harness and the problem I had was trying to follow the instructions. It was a Mopar (Chrysler Ram) part but the instructions seemed to assume the truck was in the manufacturing process, which of course it was not! Anyway, once I set down the instructions it became rather simple to finish the installation.

Another hole drilled. This was just before I put down the instructions, you can see I already had the tail light apart, a bad idea.

All done.

Next up was the installation of  suspension airbags. There were several varieties but I went with Firestone, they got the best reviews. Once again I bought them from The cool thing about installing Firestone Airbags was it was not necessary to drill a thing, they utilized the predrilled holes in the Ram 3500 frame, nice. Airbags help level the load when dumping a lot of weight on the rear axle, which in our case would be 2,700 pounds when our Excel Winslow was hitched up. Airbags also improve the ride, reduce bottoming out and even out uneven loads (well that is what they say anyway).

Getting some help from the boy (note air valves to the left of license plate bracket).

Installed airbag. You fill them up, in our case, with a bike air pump, pretty simple. Red hose leads to the air valves mounted on the back bumper.

Finally the bed box. I went around and around on this purchase before settling on a box (60″ Standard Chest) from UWS (a division of Thule). I had had a hitch carrier from UWS and was so pleased with it I figured I’d stick with the company. Nothing fancy about installing the bed box, just had to drill four small holes in the bed of the truck and through the bottom of the bed box, then bolt it down with some stainless steel fasteners. Having that box in the truck is great, I store all of my tools in it and still have half of the space for whatever else we need to throw in. I think of it as having a trunk for our truck.


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2 responses to “Final Ram 3500 Truck Installations

  1. I wonder if I can get airbags for the van. With the hitch on, the hitch extension, then the bike rack, then the bikes I get practically no ground clearance.

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