Curry Hammock State Park

We just left Curry Hammock State Park, located near Marathon, Florida, half way down the Florida Keys, mile marker 56. There was a certain anxiety level we had been feeling the days leading up to our departure, the anticipation of leaving, so much that needed to be done, the stress of travel and the change in routine. We had been there almost six weeks, long enough for it to feel like home, long enough to have met many interesting folks, visit some wonderful places and make new friends.

At Curry Hammock State Park, in exchange for a spot to park our rig, we were volunteers, taking care of the Day-Use Area. Three months ago Natasha started the search to find a place for us to go in the Keys and she was lucky enough to find an opening at Curry Hammock. We plan to write more about our time at Curry Hammock State Park and the Florida Keys soon. For now though here are some photos from our stay.

Natasha and Willa in our work cart, an electric Gem Cart.


Our parking spot for almost six weeks. It was a little hot here and the no-see-ums (Ceratopogonidae, or biting midges) joined us each morning and evening making it difficult to sit outside.


Day-Use Area.


Park schooling.


Jon strolling along the beach. Notice the kite boarders in the background, when the wind blew in from the east they came in mass.


Natasha took this fantastic shot of the beach!


Natasha and Jon on a guided nature hike in the tropical hardwood hammocks. We were really out of our element as far as nature study experiences.


Lunch on the sand bar half mile off the shore. This was a magical place for all of us!

Willa paddle boarding.

Coconuts galore, Natasha made several nice treats with them.

Willa’s Birthday, eight years old, oh my!








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4 responses to “Curry Hammock State Park

  1. Patricia

    Willa…Happy Birthday from Agnes & Uriah!! 🙂

  2. Grace

    That looks like an awesome place! Thank you for posting the pictures, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Willa!!

  3. Willa is 8 ????!!!! OMG…

    Man, what a gorgeous spot.
    I love this photo: IMG_5626-XL.jpg
    I guess this must be what you would call “to die for” beaches.
    Looks like Willa and Jon will certainly be enjoying just about every outdoor activity possible in very short order.
    Glad you all got to spend so much time there.

  4. What a great experience for the family! The experience your kids are getting is invaluable.

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