June and Summertime

The summer is nearing its end, where has the time gone?

Our travels in June had us leaving the Florida Keys and Curry Hammock State Park on the 8th, then we spent a week traveling back to the Morgantown, West Virginia area, with stops at Sebastian Inlet State Park near Melbourne, Florida, Jekyll Island on the Georgia coast, Travelers Rest, South Carolina and Mount Airy, North Carolina. This was rather quick travel for us, but we had business in Morgantown and hurried as a result.

On Jekyll Island we met friends staying at the fancy Club Hotel and Resort, though we stayed at the crazily tight and crowded campground. We did not think much of that campground; lucky for us we were able to spend much of the time with our friends at the Club Hotel’s pool and grounds. What a beautiful place!

Jekyll Island, Georgia and the Club Resort Hotel and Conference Center.

The Campground on Jekyll Island, over crowded, expensive and not a nice place to be.

Continuing north, we next stopped in Travelers Rest, South Carolina and three days on a small horse ranch owned by family friends. The name Travelers Rest is befitting, what a nice spot and what gracious hosts.

Travelers Rest, South Carolina and a family friends’ small horse ranch.

Our stop in Mount Airy, North Carolina (home of Andy Griffith) was to try, for the first time, a night in a Walmart parking lot! For full-time RVers, Walmart parking lots provide a free and easy place to spend a night and avoid campground fees while traveling. Natasha identified a conveniently located Walmart, called ahead and we were set. But when we pulled into the parking lot, on a Saturday night at 9:30, we found it packed with shoppers and folks just hanging out! There was space for us but we just could not imagine being there with all that was going on and the traffic in and out. We then remembered experienced RV friends of ours had mentioned hospital parking lots, as spots that can do in a pinch. So we checked Google Maps; there was a hospital just down the road, we headed straight there and found a mostly empty large parking lot – perfect for us: quiet and a nice neighborhood. Except for the medical helicopter that set down just a hundred feet from us in the middle of the night, all went well; a lesson learned.

Hospital parking lot in Mount Airy, North Carolina.

Our final destination for this segment of travel was Coopers Rock State Forest near Morgantown, West Virginia. For us this was a hard trip, distance wise a bit too much at 300 miles (almost all Interstate highway) and we were rushing, never a good thing when towing. We arrived safely though. Coopers Rock is a beautiful place; we spent three nights and wondered why we had never been camping there before, when we lived so close. Isn’t it odd folks at times miss out on what is near by, while traveling long distances to see what is not?

Coopers Rock State Park and Willa with slack line.





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2 responses to “June and Summertime

  1. Patricia

    I’m glad we were able to have a quick visit with you all when you were back in the ‘hood! 🙂 We head out in a few days ourselves for a week of camping on Assateague.

  2. Jeff

    Have a great time on the Eastern Shore and Ocean! Natasha and I are trying to catch up on our Blog, hopefully we can keep at it. All fine here in Danby, VT, beautiful area.

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