Meeting up with June Bug Journeys

We recently met up with June Bug Journeys – friends we were first acquainted with when we were hosting at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. June Bug Journeys is Becky of The Fun Girls and her husband Bob, comedian, singer/songwriter and recently retired from the Bob and Tom Show, a syndicated radio program out of Indianapolis, IN.


Bob and Becky with the June Bug at home in Indianapolis.

Bob and Becky now enjoy their retirement by traveling in their Airstream. We joined up with them at Big Arm State Park on Flathead Lake, Montana. It just so happened that we were both traveling west, on just about the same route, visiting almost all of the same parks at about the same time!

As we sat lakeside and by the campfire, they interviewed us for their podcast!  That interview can be found at   We talk about how we got started in full-time RV-ing, some of the challenges we face in this lifestyle, and joy of minimizing possessions, downsizing living space and exploring the country.


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2 responses to “Meeting up with June Bug Journeys

  1. mike

    Great hearing your story on June Bug Journeys. I come away from that with a bucket of questions. (receiving mail, filing taxes, tech set up for work, tech setup for solar, etc.) I work in a tech industry and have worked from home for several years. My wife and I recently purchased our first Travel Trailer. I would love to know the technical side of what you are using to allow Jeff to work from your trailer. My work provides a wireless connection, but not for use for all day connectivity. If you have this info already posted in your blogs, please point me in a direction. I plan to start reading thru your blogs. Thanks for sharing your adventure. Inspirational.

    • Jeff

      Hi Mike,

      To answer your questions:

      – We use for our mail service. They do a wonderful service for us. When we want our mail we just email Terri and she sends it to wherever we
      may be at the time.

      – We file taxes as a South Dakota resident, nothing too complicated

      – My work supplies me with an AT&T Hotspot with unlimited data. We have not had too much trouble finding a good AT&T cellular signal, but when
      we do, I just head to the local library or wherever I can find service

      – Check out our blog entries for more detailed information. I plan to post a Blog entry on the completion of our solar installation tomorrow.

      I hope this helps and that you are able to hit the road full-time soon!

      Best regards,


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