Christmas Past and Present/RV Holidays

Our holiday celebrations over the last three years have varied.    We usually are surrounded by family and friends. But Christmas 2014, our first year in the RV, we were alone with ourselves at Ichetucknee Springs State Park.  We had to make our own fun, and figure out how to make a small space cheery for the holidays without becoming junky and cluttered. We started with the tree – not the conventional Christmas tree but one the kids fell in love with and were happy with – a small palm type.  Once decorated with a selection of our old favorite ornaments and lights, in the dark of the night, it created much the same mood as a traditional tree might…


We had been collecting pinecones and greens, magnolia leaf clusters and cedar boughs. The kids made their own wreaths out of grapevine.  Here is what they turned into…


A movie on Christmas Eve and a canoe trip on Christmas Day. We still had fun, but it did not bring the kind of joy that being surrounded by loved ones and all your favorite foods and beverages can bring! And then, not all of our packages arrived on time, and so our experience really turned into a sort of spontaneous 12 days of Christmas experience. The kids didn’t care! The packages just kept trickling in from far away family members and Amazon! Maybe we started a new tradition!?

Our second Christmas on the road was spent at Kartchner Caverns State Park, in Arizona.  We volunteered there for two, two month gigs.  My mom came out to visit us and that made the Holiday much more cheery.  Although it wasn’t quite as warm as she had hoped! Our tree that year consisted of two agave flower stalks placed together and strung with lights.  We painted the seed pods with glitter glue and the ‘branches’ were more than strong enough to hold our favorite ornaments.  We loved how it filled our space height wise but wasn’t too fat for our small living room.   And the view outside was hard to beat, with a full moon rising over Cochise’s Stronghold.


Another thing I love about our RV is that I have enough counter space and an oven for baking.  This date cookie recipe was my great grandmothers, Effie Mae.  Always a nice snack after a holiday hike with Nanny Steph.


AND we were able to participate in the Sierra Vista Christmas Parade on the Kartchner Caverns float with other volunteers and rangers!

This year, we came back east for the holidays.  After a fun and rare cross country road trip without the RV (we left it in California), during which we saw several good friends and had our own adventures, we arrived back in familiar territory and were able to visit with a lot of our family members and friends.  Although it has been great, we are looking forward to being back in our own space and discovering new things.  First thing in the New Year we will begin our westward journey to rejoin our nomadic lifestyle!  We embrace the growth and exploration this new year is sure to bring to our family!



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5 responses to “Christmas Past and Present/RV Holidays

  1. Jen

    We family folk are sure glad you made the trip east! Loved spending time with you!!
    Aunt Jen

  2. Bob & Linda Brown

    We loved meeting all of you at Kartchner Caverns State Park and hope our paths cross again in the future. Have fun in all your journeys. Bob & Linda

  3. Patricia

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from our family to yours!! Blessings & peace to you all!!

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