Unexpected Occurrences

We have been on a two month hiatus from living in our RV.  And while we have been so graciously hosted in so many friends’ and families’ homes, we have really been looking forward to getting back into our RV and our own lives!  So, just when we were getting so close we could feel our own bed under us at night and see out our own window, at least in our minds’ eye, this happened Sunday….


A low coolant light came on during the very last few miles to our friend Lenny’s house.  After a little research, Jeff determined that the water pump had failed.  This was confirmed by Spitzer Dodge and they are repairing it today.  This repair is covered under our 100,000 mile/powertrain warranty.  They are also looking into repairs on a recalled item.

And this…


While Jeff was cleaning out the car he shut the door (not a slam, just a regular closing of the door) and heard a tinkling sound behind him, like ice breaking, he said.  When he turned around, the driver’s side door window had shattered!  This repair is not covered by anything!

While life on the road is often fun and exciting, sometimes it is just life!  Life is full of unexpected occurrences and instances which force us to slow down or stop, even when we don’t want to. It is a good lesson in making do, staying flexible and really just appreciating what is in the present moment.  For now, I am ever so grateful that we are in a warm, safe place surrounded by friends and family!  Today, we are working on our school work, taking a long walk and waiting on more information from Spitzer Dodge.





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5 responses to “Unexpected Occurrences

  1. Oh, GOSH! I’ve never heard of a window breaking due to cold, but what do I know?! You guys are exhibiting a really positive attitude, though. Carry on!

    • Thanks Becky! We heard a story about someone’s window that broke in very hot weather. Maybe a window every now and then slips through quality control and can’t handle extreme temps? I don’t know. It was very cold that day but not the coldest we’ve seen. At any rate, we just got word that the repairs are complete so we should be on our way again tomorrow or the next day! Nothing to be but positive in situations like this! Being negative doesn’t make it any better, and there is almost ALWAYS something good you can find to occupy your time!

  2. Jen

    Just reading this. Ahhh, yes. Life does teach us to just stop!: like broken legs:-))
    Glad all are warm and safe. Miss your spirit round here. Love, aunt Jen

  3. Wow , one of those days ! Nice to catch up to you guys ! We sold our RV when we got home – kids in high school , no time , need to get them through college , very hard to give up ! Take care !!! Holler if you’re our way – Bend Oregon

    • It was so nice meeting you and your family on the road! You are amazing for getting out there and doing it! I hope everyone is well and happy and that your re-entry went smoothly. I will definitely look you up when we get to Bend!

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