Junior Nature Camp

July 15-28, 2018                                                                                                                               Camp Giscowheco                                                                                                                        Wheeling, WV

The mission of Junior Nature Camp is to provide experience in the study of the natural world, so that young people might appreciate the marvels of nature, and grow to be good stewards of the Earth; all within the cooperative living environment of a residential camp.

Founded in 1944, Junior Nature Camp builds on the tradition established by West Virginia’s first naturalist and forester, A.B. Brooks. His vision for teaching about nature continues today through Oglebay Institute’s residential camp experiences. Originally located at Oglebay Park’s Camp Russell, Junior Nature Camp moved to a more remote location along Middle Wheeling Creek to increase the personal connections and tranquility of the West Virginia hills.

Jeff’s mother grew up in Wheeling, WV and was fortunate enough to attend many an A.B. Brooks nature walk. As she grew older she became more involved with Oglebay Institute’s Nature Center’s camping programs, namely Mountain Nature Camp and Junior Nature Camp.  Jeff attended these camps as a young man.  In 2002 he was asked to direct Junior Nature Camp.  Junior Nature Camp is where we met! Today I am the program director.  We have the good fortune of working there and having our children with us. We work with a team of camping professionals and naturalists and teach nature education to young people, ages 10-17.

Visit Schrader Environmental Education Center for more information or to reserve your space! 304-242-6855.

Photos from Previous Years

JNC 2016: Week One, Week Two

JNC 2015: Both Weeks

JNC 2014: Week One and Greg Park’s Retirement Party, Week Two

JNC 2013: Week One, Week Two

JNC 2012: Week One, Week Two

JNC 2011: Both Weeks

JNC 2010: Both Weeks

JNC 2009:


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